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As an effect of sin, humans are deeply driven toward autonomy, preferring to live independent of God’s authority instead of within the shelter of his divine sovereignty. This is the temptation to which Eve would surrender. Instead of a life dependent on God, she evaluated on the basis of her self-appointed authority that the fruit of the forbidden tree was beautiful and an acceptable source for knowledge and sustenance. God was no longer necessary in her new view of the world because she chose instead to believe the twisted words of the serpent, that she could “be like God” (Gen 3:5). She quickly dismissed the distinction between herself, the created, and the Creator. When faced with difficult life circumstances, we are called to submit to God’s wisdom and authority and recognize our own insufficiency. It is true that scripture does not provide explicit answers for each and every situation, so while God’s normative method of self-disclosure is not through audible voice, studying God’s word is necessary to develop a biblical worldview that will enable godly reflection in the absence of obvious solutions. Trusting God in the midst of any degree of crisis is probably one of the the greatest challenges to living the Christian life. Popular culture argues, on the other hand, that God, if he even exists, is irrelevant to just about everything. Religion, and specifically evangelical Christianity, is regarded as bigoted and narrow-minded, outside the scope of logic and reason. Christian truth claims are viewed as merely private values, but the “promise” of scientific progress and “hope” through human reason-with little room for ethical reflection-are believed to be neutral sources of information, and therefore, the source of truth for everyone. This way of thinking is dominant in the area of women’s issues and is wielding great influence on the lives of women inside and outside of the church.

Women issues around the globe are a vital gauge of understanding world welfare it can be seen all around the world that countries which discriminate on women are usually the least developed for example the Afghanistan while countries that seek to empower women for example Sweden, US and Norway are usually very developed. The U.S though developed and seeking to empower women in the last three decades, little progress can be said to have been achieved. Women in the U.S are still regard lowly citizens as compared to their male counterparts in almost all dimensions of the society.

It is erroneous to believe that with the assurance of salvation comes the instant ability to effectively reason through issues and achieve resolutions that are pleasing to God. The status of “born again” is not a guarantee that a young woman won’t consider an abortion, because the dominant culture may have convinced her that the embryo is not really her child or that this is not actually a spiritual issue. A financially-strapped college student may have little knowledge of what is involved in selling her eggs, as an act of good-will to an infertile couple or for research purposes. She may not understand that this egg, when fertilized, is her biological child. What she has been told by the college “women’s center” is that the egg is nothing more than tissue and a fertilized egg (an embryo) is nothing more than a “clump of cells.” To top all that off, she probably has not been fully informed about the health risks in undergoing such a procedure. A young married couple in the congregation may struggle with infertility and is willing to pursue the use of reproductive technologies to solve their heart-wrenching crisis. After three years of treatment, they may have 2 children, but four more children are in cryopreservation at the fertility clinic because the most economical route for their family was to have many embryos fertilized at one time. Still, there are other women who are entering into the Christian community, ashamed to talk to anyone about the abusive relationship they are in, fearing judgment, blame, and ridicule.

This too has resulted in gender issues in government lacking representation. At domestic levels women are not spared either. Statistics have shown in the recent gender violence among women has increased. Although their stiff penalties for this type of behavior, not much has changed in fact, many women are not reporting such incidences since there are long lasting solutions to curb this menace.

When you feel your mood swinging, try to stay calm and do things that will help you feel a little better like being around people you love and care about and letting them listen to you and make you feel a little better about what you are enduring and going through. This might help you get through what you are going through a little easier and you can figure out how to let them help you, as well.

This is so because their many hurdles that are thrown on a woman path once she decides to start up her own company for example, societies do not support such kind of women as they believe that they are abounding their family chores for materialistic gains. Many other women find themselves being asked for sexual favors by people in order for certain business deals to be met. In the end women shy away from business ventures and resign to mare docile carriers.

Well remember to never let a man get you down, just like you can not let cramps get the best of you, because there is a medication for both things, men and cramps, and that is time, just give it some time and after a while you will see that neither hurt you anymore and you do not have to feel badly about yourself because it is a natural part of life. And once it passes, better things will come.

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