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Some chiropractors do require, oftentimes to a patient’s surprise, that a chiropractic x-ray be performed. This is particularly confusing since the most expected examination is 100% physical. It typically is. However, practitioners want to ensure that their diagnosis is accurate before treatment is begun. A chiropractor will not necessarily require an x-ray for new patients and will certainly not do so until an examination has been performed and the discomfort has been discussed.

The chiropractor will first examine the neck and spine and conduct a palpation. Gentle pressure is used in order to determine where the root issue resides. There are, however, conditions that even a skilled chiropractor cannot identify in this manner. If a serious condition is possible, the chiropractor may use x-rays in order to confirm or deny the existence of the problem.

With the help of chiropractic x-rays, previously invisible problems can be unmasked. The majority of issues, however, are caused by misalignment of the vertebrae. Through the help of a manual adjustment, the patient can begin their journey to recovery. In some cases, however, certain equipment may be utilized in order to provide deeper treatment.

Other medical treatment is required if the condition is more serious. An x-ray may be used in order to determine whether these more serious issues exist. Imaging can also determine which medical practitioner you should seek treatment from.

A chiropractor may choose to perform an x-ray for a number of good reasons. Athletic injuries and injuries in older patients are just two examples of where imaging can be irreplaceable. In some cases, where a patient has experienced continuing pain despite the treatment of a chiropractor, an x-ray may help to uncover the true cause of the discomfort. Naturally, if serious trauma is the cause of the pain, an x-ray should be performed as early as possible.

The cause of neck and back pain can often be discovered through a simple and non-invasive chiropractic examination. It is not uncommon for the pain source and the pain itself to be located separately, a fact that experienced chiropractors are well aware of. A confirmation of diagnosis may require an x-ray. An x-ray may be required for visualization of a serious misalignment. Chiropractors sometimes find it important that a specific cervical or lumbar area be identified as the culprit. Doing so can make treatment more effective.

Chiropractors are fortunately equipped with the required imaging equipment. You do not need to make another visit. Once the chiropractor has the results, relief can be obtained.

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