What’s great about Electric Fireplaces?

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We no longer rely on “the fireplace” to heat our home. There are no longer fireplaces in the centre of houses, nor are they found in bedrooms as a way of delivering essential heating to a home. Gone also are the days of being able to afford servants to maintain them as well! There is a bit of nostalgia people feel at times about real fires, and perhaps a little bit of distaste for “artificial” fires, but there are advantages and disadvantages involved in both, and for people who like the idea of a fireplace in their home, it’s good to work out what you really want and need.

From a standpoint of saving money on fuel, fireplaces may save you money, especially electric fireplaces, as they are relatively cheap to run. Depending on the sort of home you have, and if you tend to spend all your time in one room for long periods of time, a fireplace could save a lot of money.

If you already have a real fireplace installed in your home, then having a real fire may be the least expensive option to start out with, as electric fireplaces are expensive to purchase. Yet once an electric fireplace is purchased, it is simply plugged in or mounted on a wall, and then money is saved over time on the low maintenance upkeep. If a home does not have a fireplace installed already, then installing an actual fireplace is a massive remodelling ordeal that needs to be carefully considered before embarking on!

Real fires do take quite a bit of work, where an electric fire can be switched on instantly after coming home, and the effects are felt almost immediately. They also fit into modern dcor and are more child friendly and safe to be around. There is not a lot of maintenance work to do on them except perhaps change the standard light bulb which usually runs for two years.

However there will always be people who want a real fire, even despite the disadvantages. There really is nothing like one, and even that “fire smell” is often welcome in a home adding to the atmosphere.

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