What Dental Procedures are Considered Sports Dentistry?

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Using the ever growing modifications in dental technologies together with the explosion in sports medicine and sports as an industry, it comes as no surprise that we are now hearing about sports dentistry. So what is sports dentistry and how does it differ from say cosmetic dental practices? What dental procedures belong to sports dentistry that don’t belong to any other specialty? A general definition of a sports dentistry practice could be the prevention of injury towards the teeth and mouth as well as the restoration of teeth and mouth from injuries caused by athletic endeavors. This would involve professional and amateur athletes as well as the rest of the fitness center or weekend athletic sect.

One of the most common dental procedures in sports dentistry involves properly fitting athletes with protective mouth guards. Mouth guards, sometimes called mouth protectors are custom fitted for every athlete and they are a flexible guard worn more than the teeth to safeguard them throughout athletic events. You see them every week on high school, college and professional basketball and football players. Every of those individual dental devices must be fitted for that particular athlete. Just how much a mouth guard expenses depends on the dental material it is produced from and how well it’s made along with what it’s utilized for. In order to preserve a dental mouth guard, an athlete should make sure it’s cleaned stored correctly. This will not just extend the life with the dental mouth guard but it will also protect the athlete from potential infections or illnesses.

It’s also the purview with the sports dentist to offer therapy and restoration to injured athletes. Injuries to the mouth and teeth that happen during sports activities may be devastating and need substantial dental work. An athlete who sustains a serious injury to the difficult and soft tissues with the mouth and jaw requirements somebody who specializes within the dental restoration of the athlete’s face. These types of injuries can be disfiguring if not cared for properly. They can also be financially devastating as the athlete misses out on practice and events. They require an professional in sports dental function that they can trust throughout this traumatic time.

There are a couple of other functions that sports dental practice is involved with that most of us would not think of. Certainly one of these is the capability to recognize other medical problems together with your patient and refer them to the suitable medical professional. Often athletes will present at a sports dental practice after an injury such as a hit in football with broken teeth. The sports dentist should figure out if you will find other issues like a concussion that should be treated prior to any dental treatment. Sports dental practices are also on the front line with issues such as bulimia and anorexia. Erosion patterns within the teeth caused by gastric acids are often recognized in sports dental practices and referred on towards the correct medical professional.

No dental fellowship or residency exists for sports dentistry, however the Academy for Sports Dentistry was found in 1983 in Texas. The academy has more than six hundred members and hosts an annual conference on dental problems in sports and sports medicine. This dental field is rapidly growing as advances in both sports medicine and dental procedures offer much more resources for the expert and everyday athlete.

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