Ways Self Tanning Lotion Achieves A Beautiful Glow

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For many people, all they know about tan lotions is that they put it on and begin to darken. How well it works often depends on the way skin is designed. Understanding that the epidermis (or skin’s outer layer) and dermis (or inner layer) work in different ways can make it easier to find the right self tanning lotion for you.[youtube:M8K9imluqT8?version=3;[link:Best Self Tan];http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8K9imluqT8?version=3&feature=related]

Self tanning lotion darkens the outer layer of the epidermis whereas sunbathing darkens the inner layer. This is called the stratum basale layer which can be damaged easily by direct sunlight. A disadvantage of this product is that few contain sunscreen, but when used properly is safe.

The stratum corneum or outer layer, on the other hand, is where tanning lotions have the most effect. To achieve the best results, therefore, finding lotions that work best on the stratum corneum is important. Despite this fact, the use of self tanning lotion is not a new concept.

In 1960, Coppertone was the first to introduce a self tanning lotion that was effective. Unfortunately, it had a tendency to turn skin orange. However, efforts were made to improve the results and now provide lotions that can be smoothed into the skin, swiped, or sprayed in order to achieve everything from a dark Caribbean tan to a lighter color.

Today’s self tanning lotion works in less than an hour, but takes about three hours of drying time. This is because the best ones contain dihydroxyacetone that interact with dead skin cells causing them to darken. As cells shed, the tan fades requiring reapplication of the self tanning lotion.

With newer types of self tanning lotion on the market today it is easier than ever to maintain the color desired. Moisturizers, sprays, and powders are convenient forms of self tanning lotion and easy to apply. When going outside, however, sunscreen will need to be used in addition to self tanning lotion.

Self tanning lotion is the product of choice for individuals who are concerned about skin condition. Sun Ultra Dark lotions gives you a dark all-over tan without the risk of skin cancer.


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