Using Email To Manage Virtual Office Assistants

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When working with Melbourne SEO virtual office assistants, you need to ask them to provide you with the time it took for each task they have completed. The reason that you ask for those times is more so you can find out where they’re getting stuck on certain things. Maybe you say, right I want you to do some link building and here is the type of link building that I want you to do. Then you might find that it is a new link building method that you’re testing out and it is taking them half an hour to do a little session. So you calculate over the course of two weeks they’ve spent five hours building links.

Then you say, right I want you to now go over a virtual assistant company and analyze how many of those links actually stuck. Three of the links stuck. Ok, so we spent five hours to get three links. That’s probably not a good use of our time, let’s drop that. So that’s one of the reasons you want to make sure you log times.

Also we’ve started to build like a repository, a small biz internet marketing document where we log all of the times that certain tasks take. So that way, when a new helper jumps on board, we know, to spin an article, to post it thru to the three websites and to do it reasonably well, to AMA, Portal Feeder and Unique Article Magician takes about an hour, possibly a bit longer than that. We know how long it takes so when these virtual office assistants start, obviously they are going to take a little bit longer, but after they get it, that is how long it should be taking.

End of day emails are really key and also it’s another underarm catch. You tell them, the email should only take you five or ten minutes at most. If it’s taking you longer than five or ten minutes, you’re putting too much detail in that email. It’s also a very underarm throw. You tell them, I want you to do it every day, at the end of every shift. If they can’t handle giving you a five to ten minute job every day, then chances are that they’re not going to work out in the long web video production run anyway. It’s a very good early indication as to the quality of the individual if they’re going to do the end of day emails because it is such an easy thing.

Here’s something you don’t hear people talk of and this is something that I learned from a podcast called Executive Tools which internet marketers don’t actually delve into. I am attempting to build a internet marketing reviews business, I am not doing an one hit wonder promotion from virtual office assistants, so I ‘m enthusiastic about developing my talents as a manager and it’s a really good one. One of the things they talk about, very good successful managers in giant business have monthly one on ones with their team members and their directs to learn seo techniques today.

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