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A toy soldier store is a specialty store that specializes in toy soldiers. Specialty toy stores have a specialized selection of toys. They sell a particular brand or a type of toy like dolls or toy soldiers. The products in a specialty store can be vastly different but they all fall under one theme. A toy soldier store will carry toy soldiers from different battles, different geographical locations, and different manufacturers. While the look of these toy soldiers may be very different, they are all soldiers.

Toy soldiers have been around for centuries. Modern toy soldiers were first made popular in the 1900’s when affordable and available toy soldiers were first produced. Trends in toy soldiers changed throughout the 20th century. Plastic toy soldiers became popular. Less detailed plastic toy soldiers were an inexpensive alternative to metal toy soldiers. Lead toy soldiers were banned by toy safety laws and very detailed plastic toy soldiers replaced them for a while. Even the poses and details of toy soldiers were improved during the 1900’s.

Toy soldiers today are very lifelike. They have even been called photo-detailed because their features and clothing are so realistic they look like they could be straight from a photograph. Toy soldier poses were even re-engineered to look more realistic. Early toy soldiers were shown in only a few positions. They were portrayed riding horses or holding their guns. Modern toy soldiers are portrayed in every situation in battle. Modern toy soldiers portray personalities running into war, shooting in battle, and even the dead being carried away.

Many toy stores gain customers by pricing their products competitively. Because they get a lower profit from each toy, they rely on the amount of products they sell to gain a good profit. However, specialty toy stores often cannot compete this way. They usually offer a smaller total number of products at a slightly higher price. Because of this, they use other competitive advantages to attract customers.

Most specialty toy stores like toy soldier stores focus on the customer experience within the store. Some stores that are considered high quality would draw in customers that wanted to show status with their purchase. Other toy companies have better customer service which is worth the slightly higher price.

Unique toys can be stocked at smaller toy stores like collectible toy soldiers. Specialty toy stores are more versatile. Their suppliers can change quickly based on need. Specialty toy stores can also buy products from small manufacturers because they aren’t responsible for thousands of locations. They just need enough of a product for one location. That means they can stock toy soldiers from smaller manufacturers and a wider range of toy soldiers than other stores.

Small toy soldier stores are also much more closely tied to the community. The personality of the store often reflects the community. For example they may carry products relating to the area. Like toy soldiers from that town or depicting soldiers from the town.

The main competitive advantage that toy soldier stores have is a narrow focus. Because they specialize in toy soldiers, they can carry a much better selection of soldiers that may be hard to find elsewhere. Many toy soldier stores even contract an exclusive product that cannot be bought anywhere but their store. An example of this are the Virginia State Garrison toy soldiers exclusively sold at The Toymaker of Williamsburg.

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