The truth about Brazilian Keratin hair treatment and frizzy hair

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Women from all over the world have embraced Brazilian keratin hair treatment, but there are some things that every woman needs to know before she enters hairdressing salon. Doors that lead to perfect hair are opened. Brazilian Keratin hair treatment is a dream come true for many women. Red carpet celebrity style is now available to everyone. Before you decide to do this treatment inform yourself, be prepared.

Keratin treatment regenerates dry and fuzzy hair, straightens hair effectively and makes it look much healthier. Treatment usually lasts an hour and a half or two (long and thick hair requires stronger treatment). The hair is first prepared, washed and partially dried. Then hair keratin preparation starts. With blow drying, keratin penetrates into each braid and then it is necessary to iron hair on high temperature.

Effects of Brazilian blow dry can last up to 9 months. After this, treatment can be repeated. Hair should not be washed in the next 3 days. For better effect, in first 3 days after treatment, you should iron your hair few times. Shampoos without sodium chloride (NaCl aka table salt) and free sulfates should help to retain the keratin in the hair. Avoid chlorine and brine, swimming pools or sea. If your hair gets wet by accident during the first 3 days, immediately dry it with the hair dryer and flat iron with low or medium heat. Don’t color your hair after the treatment, wait at least 2 or 3 weeks. The best advice is to color your hair few days before.

Brazilian keratin hair treatment is good for ironed or chemically treated hair. For the best results don’t tie hair, nor wear clasps, headbands, ribbons. Free your hair. Scarves and hats are allowed after few weeks. It depends on the individual, but most women renew treatment after 4 months, some even earlier. In first days after getting “keratin braids” don’t use varnish, foam or gel. New hairstyle that includes cutting your hair should be done after treatment. Women with virgin hair don’t get the best results, but those with dull, dry, brittle, damaged hair are usually trilled. Big fans of Brazilian keratin hair treatment are people with curly, frizzy, wavy, unmanageable hair.

One more thing before treatment: check if you are allergic to keratin. This is not a common thing, but a small test can’t be harmful. It is better to be sure. Answer to your question with a 24 hour patch test. Side effects could be severe, if you are allergic. Some people are over sensitive and have a bad reaction to formaldehyde. It is a dangerous toxin, but important part of most keratin treatments as well.

If you do this treatment, your habits in hair care must change. Brazilian keratin treatment is not the cheapest one, so it would be a shame to ruin the new look. Don’t be negligent. Inform yourself, listen to advices, and use right products. Surely, you don’t want to ruin beautiful keratin effect because of the wrong shampoo or conditioner. Oils, masks and different replenishers nourish hair, so use the right ones, without sulfates that ruin color and without sodium-chloride that is bad for keratin. Keratin doesn’t like swimming pools or sea, because of the chlorine and salt water. If you must swim use bathing cap and products that protect hair from absorbing salt or chlorine.

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