The Rarety of Ashoka Diamonds

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Ashoka diamonds are very rare, not only because they are difficult to make with all their facets that make them look larger than any other diamond of the same size, but also because it is difficult to find a diamond of the required size to make an Ashoka cut diamond. Many celebrities have been known to wear Ashoka diamonds, however, few of them wear them rarely because they are so expensive and they would hate to misplace them. The only celebrity that has been known to wear her Ashoka diamond frequently is Reese Witherspoon, because she received her Ashoka as an engagement ring from her now husband, Jim Toth. Some of the many that have been seen wearing an Ashoka include; Elizabeth Taylor, Paris Hilton, Rashida Jones, Rachel Larson, and Chelsea Piers.

The creator of the Ashoka diamond is William Goldberg. Now deceased, his family still runs the business as expert jewelers. Goldberg is also the creator of several other famous diamonds and stones such as, the Pink Panther, Beluga, Pink Muse, Guinea Star, Premiere Rose and the Blue Lily. William selected and created only the finest diamonds, making quality his number one priority. This is partly why there are few Ashoka diamond jewelry pieces in the world. Not only are there just not that many larger diamonds, but the time it takes to create a nice Ashoka cut showpiece is considerable.

It has become that time a year again to start thinking of something special to get the love of your life. There is no better way to say “I love you,” than with an Ashoka diamond that will last forever. It makes the perfect Christmas present, Chanukah present or even a birthday present. Whether you purchase one for yourself or you get an Ashoka cut diamond for someone else is up to you. This gift will be one to treasure for a lifetime and longer. It will become a family heirloom that can be passed on through the years because it is such a nice and rare piece. There will never be anything like it.

Really, there is never a bad time to give jewelry as a gift. Whether you are in trouble for flirting with the secretary, it’s a birthday or holiday or perhaps even an anniversary that you forgot, the gift of jewelry will make it even better. Allow this rare Ashoka diamond to take you and anything you wear from everyday ordinary to celebrity extraordinary.

In conclusion, diamonds really are a girl’s best friend. They are the only stone that is naturally created that will last forever and the stones are so beautiful that they shine and sparkle, adding pizzazz to anything that you pair with it. A regular, plain diamond that looks tremendously smaller couldn’t make you look as dazzling, like you just stepped off the red carpet. So next time that you consider purchasing a piece of jewelry for whatever the reason, person, or excuse, consider selecting one of the rare, and extraordinary Ashoka diamonds.

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