The iCandy Stroller: Style Meets Practicality

December 12, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Family Issues

When it comes to picking and choosing the best new transportation for your little one, you may be taking a closer look today at the popular Peach model of the Icandy stroller. Many parents are at first drawn to this stroller because of its stylish design, but they continue looking at it because it has functional features that promise comfort and convenience in real life use. Of course, before you make a big decision like which stroller to buy, you’ll want to take a more in depth look at what this stroller really has to offer.

Style Plus

The Icandy stroller does indeed have a sleek, stylish design that initially catches your eye, and you know that if it catches your eye it will attract notice from others when you are pushing it around the mall, the zoo, and whatever other venues you and your baby travel to. Some other strollers on the market today just look like they are meant to be pushed around by those wearing “mom jeans” and who generally don’t care about style, but this is a sophisticated travel system that tells the world that you are a cool parent.

Brimming With Features

The Icandy stroller really is a godsend to parents because it is so easy to use. Whilst many strollers have marketing that says what you would like to hear, iCandy has really focused on delivering its promise. This stroller has a bassinet that is ideal for infants to use to lay out and relax while you are out. As your baby grows, you can replace the bassinet with a reclining seat that can face either forward or backward. You can simply position baby where it suits you best to keep and eye on baby or give baby a view whilst moving around. It also has an easy fold up mechanism as well as slick engineering that makes it easy to maneuver in crowded areas.

Got More Than One Child

One of the reasons many people decide to buy the Peach Icandy stroller is because of the possibility of adding a second seat to the stroller with the Blossom converter. It is really easy to fit and gives you the choice as and when your family grows to cater to having 2 children, a baby and a toddler or two toddlers. This feature can save you money in the long run by preventing the need to buy a double stroller later.

Get One For You

Most who have bought the Icandy stroller love both its functionality and its style. This is a well thought through series of first class strollers that you can simply purchase online, have delivered with ease and no hassle at all. In fact delivery can be really fast too.

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