The Facts About The Independent Voter

December 12, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Culture & Society

An individual who is registered as an unaffiliated or independent voter within the United States of America is a voter that does not support a specific political party. These voters are expected to vote for issues and candidates. This is in contrast to typical voters that vote based on political partisanship or ideology.

These individuals may not have loyalty to or identify with a certain party. They may also switch between parties from election to election. Voters who fall under this category are often called independents.

Independents put more emphasis on issues or candidates. They have no affiliation with a political party all the time. There are studies that show that these people may be less involved in politics, less informed about the issues and candidates and less interested in elections compared to partisan voters.

Because these individuals are not firmly connected with a party, some believe that they can have a big influence of the results of an election. It is true that many of these people side with third-party candidates. Though they could greatly impact the system and elections, many scholars do not believe independents have done this.

There are some scholars who say that the rise in these voters has lead to what they call dealignment. This, they believe, can be detrimental to the state of democracy, especially within the United States. Dealignment is considered negative because it changes the focus of elections from parties and ideologies to candidates. With parties and ideologies removed, candidates must rely on media, political action committees, political consultants and special interest groups to run a campaign. Some people believe dealignment is not a threat to democracy.

Independent voters are individuals who do not associate themselves with a particular political party. Instead, they vary in their affiliation from election to election and place more focus on the issues and candidates. There have been some claims that independents have a major impact on a political system in ways such as election turnarounds, dealignment and other similar factors.

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