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The only real way to master the art of acting is to attend a two year acting program in NYC. Two year programs are dedicated to providing students with the skills that they require to stand apart from the many aspiring actors that come to NYC yearly.

For those looking to begin their career, these programs are an excellent choice as they provide aspiring actors with integral skills. For students who are looking to further their education, conservatories can provide actors with the ability to improve on their technique and become better actors. Becoming vulnerable is a integral part of learning to act, meaning that a trustworthy learning environment is essential to any student actor. These two year programs in New York are not only designed to improve technique but also to encourage personal growth.

For those looking for a secure place to learn to act, these programs are a natural choice. There is no comparison between the two year program and the far less effective short-term programs. Developing integral relationships with professional actors is a key benefit to two year programs.

Unlike larger classes, smaller groups allow for effective and more personalized learning for student actors. Larger classes do not allow for coaches to provide students with personalized attention. Two year programs provide students with the time and opportunity to learn at a reasonable pace and build a professional skill set that will make them far more successful in their art.

For actors who desire to learn the famous Meisner method, attending a two year program is absolutely necessary. When learning the Meisner technique, students begin by learning the basic skills and then gradually learn far more complex skills until they have mastered the method. Mastering the Meisner technique requires that students learn how to portray both the emotional as well as physical aspects of their character. Two year programs are able to cover the Meisner technique as well as other areas of necessary skills and also allows students to learn how to use these abilities in a number of different areas and settings.

When a student actor commits himself or herself to a two year period of study, this demonstrates a strong desire to improve upon his or her skill-set. Many individuals wish to learn to act as a hobby and short-term classes may be adequate for these students. However, for those actors who wish to establish themselves as professionals in their field, two year programs are really the optimum method of demonstrating their commitment both to themselves as well as others.

The Maggie Flanigan Studio is New York City’s leading acting studio for meisner technique. To learn more about the studio you can watch this short video == two year acting programs.


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