Some Reasons To Get A Memory Foam Mattress

December 12, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Family Issues

A memory foam mattress offers an alternative to a conventional mattress. I have revealed the 5 main benefitsdiscussed in this article here.

1. This mattress is extremely comfy

The mattress is made of a material known as visco elastic. It was developed by NASA in the 1970’s so it would absorb G Forces during nil gravity orbit. Subsequently the mattress is now highly cosy. It has a layer of memory foam at the very top in which you sink into. This memorizes your shape and permits you to implant your impression into the mattress.

2. The mattress is fitted to your exactindividual dimensions

This mattress is tailored to your precise directions. According to the indent you leave in the memory foam, the mattress supports you based mostly on your shape. The memory foam lines to your actual weight and height.

3. The mattress provides extremely good support for your neck and back

The mattress underneath the memory foam provides wonderful support for your back and next. As the memory foam lets you sink in a make your impression, the mattress below supports you primarily based on this imprint. It does not try to compel you into an upright or unnatural position. It is easy on the bones, muscles, joints and tendons.

4. The mattress also reacts to your body temperature.

According to your body temperature the mattress responds to whether you are hot or cold. It does this by circulating heat through internal air sockets. When it’s to cold it heats up, when its too hot it cools down. Quite clever.

5. The mattress is extremely affordable in price

You will not pay an enormous premium with this mattress, it may be one or two dollars dearer than an ordinary mattress, but you won't pay $200 more for a competing non memory foam mattress.

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