Simple Steps On How To Make Hand Made Baby Head Bands

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Babies are so fragile. The parents never let them exposed to dirt or to any kinds of sharp objects. They do not even let their kids touch anything that may harm them or even the mosquitoes. Fly traps are set everywhere. Every mom has the habit of dressing up their children. Buying those clothes and accessories brings joy to the clan. You will be put to a test. Try making your girls a dress or hand made baby head bands, they will love it.

Buy the things that cannot harm the skin of your child. Some things can irritate their skins and can cause rashes. Go to a crafting store. Gather the materials that you will be using to make your own customized headbands.

You will need to buy beads of different shapes and sizes, ribbons, stretchy laces, hot glue gun, thread and needle, and some plastic flowers. The baby needs to be in a calm situation or he or she should be sleeping.

Get the stretchy lace and measure the head of your child. Be sure to make it not too loose or not too tight to prevent irritation. Sew both ends of the stretchy lace and set it aside then prepare the flower. Remove everything harmful; wires and plastics.

Do not remove the one that is holding the petals, but if you want to make it safer, just sew the petals and put a big bead or five small beads at the center then set it aside. Get your ribbon. Measure the width and it should be half an inch.

To finish your project, after measuring the lace, make at least five or more loops, spread it and secure it with the thread at the center. Get the stretchy lace and sew the loops first then the flower. Turn the headband inside out. Cut a small piece of fabric and glue it on the knot. Your children can learn these hand made baby head bands techniques too. Guide them if they are old enough to use the needle and the hot glue gun.

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