Seven Possible Reasons for Memory Loss

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Loss of memory may be a result of aging, head trauma, dementia, Lyme illness, stress and depressive disorders, extreme alcohol consumption, and drug interactions.

Memory loss is the inability of one individual to retrieve memories due to different elements. It can be short-term or partial, and also long-term or permanent. The following are the most typical and also possible causes of loss of memory that affect men and women from diverse areas of life:

Old age

The natural reason behind memory loss is aging. As you age, your brain also alters. The hippocampus and also prefrontal cortex of your brain, that are in charge of keeping memory, shrink as you get old, resulting to lapse of memory and memory loss.

Head injury

Head damage or simply trauma from a head crash, brain bruise, as well as skull fracture can also lead to brain cell damage, leading to loss of memory. Many cases of loss of memory as a result of head injuries are normally short-term and temporary, which normally involves failing to recall what had happened before and also after the damage. These memories are often recovered as time passes. Old memories, on the other hand, aren’t lost.


Dementia is a general condition which affects your own social, as well as mental faculties, including your memory. Among the various kinds of dementia, Alzheimer’s illness is the most popular one, making up about 50 % of dementia occurrences. It’s characterized by amyloid plaque accumulation in the brain which later toxins the brain cells, leading to memory loss, as well as other symptoms like problems in speech, and issues with judgment and thinking. Loss of memory in dementia patients may also be due to not getting sufficient proper protein into the brain tissues due to neurofibrillary tangles, which is called the tangling of the lengthy fibers in the brain tissues.

Lyme disease

Lyme illness is an infection transmitted from the bite of an infected tick, commonly a deer tick. If you’re contaminated with Lyme ailment that remains untreated for over a period of time, your problem may worsen from red rash and a few flu-like symptoms to even worse Lyme disease symptoms. The illness propagates throughout your body, affecting the heart, the joints and muscles, and your nervous system, that could cause memory loss.

Anxiety and also depressive disorders

Slight and short-term memory loss may also be due to a lot of stress, and also depression. Under these conditions, your brain cells and also your hippocampus might be damaged, making things harder to recall. Specialists also think that extreme stress and also depression can cause chemical or neurotransmitter imbalances which affect the ability of the brain to pass on details and store new experiences.

Excessive alcohol consumption

Taking in too much alcohol also harms your brains tissues, leading to short-term loss of memory. The condition even gets worse when you begin to have black outs. Be sure you drink moderately to prevent temporary loss of memory.

Drug interactions

Taking several prescription medications at the same time may interact badly with each other and may trigger loss of memory as its side effects. Make sure you read the contraindications and interactions of the medicines, and make sure to tell your doctor about the drugs you’re taking the moment new medications are being given to prevent potential bad drug interactions.

If you start to notice signs of memory loss, do not hesitate to tell your doctor about it as it could be a sign of a more serious condition or infection.

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