Secure a Dedicated IP to Help Your Search Engine Rankings

December 12, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Computers

Of all the benefits that come from using a dedicate server, the boost to your search engine rankings have to be amongst the most important. Being found online is quite often the most important aspect for any website but with every company fighting to be rankled highly; it is obvious that many companies will be disappointed. This is where having a number of tactics makes perfect sense to boost your status.

If you are on a shared IP and there are many poor quality sites also on the shared IP, some search engines will drag you down by association. This means that regardless of the quality or style of your site, you may be impacted upon due to other sites which you have no control over. This is where the idea of a dedicated server begins to look very appealing.

A dedicated IP brings a number of benefits for anyone looking to be found on the major search engines, which is obviously the key factor in raising business profile. Even though the search engines try to closely guard the ways in which they evaluate and rank websites, there is an acceptance that IP addresses can impact on the final ranking of a site.

A shared IP address means that your website will be linked in with other sites during this process, which can have a negative impact for two reasons. If the quality of the other sites is very low, it is likely to drag down the rating applied to your site. Also, if you own a number of sites, it would be of benefit to place links to each other on your different sites.

Using a dedicated IP for each site means that links between the sites will be given greater prominence by the search engine, providing a great starting point for increasing the number of legitimate links you have pointing towards your site.

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