Searching for the Ruby Eternity Ring of Your Dreams!

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Some women just want to marry their significant other without all the pomp and circumstance — for example, the months of tedious planning, being the center of attention and hunting down that elusive bridesmaid dress that will flatter all ten attendants in your wedding party. If this rings a bell, then you’re suffering from anti-bridal symptoms. Here’s how to deal.

People have been known to throw a wedding together in just a few short months, so don’t think you have to waste a whole year trying to get everything planned. You don’t need all the trappings — so find a decent venue that you and your hubby can live with for the reception.

Your wedding theme could be a hobby, a type of food, movie or movie genre, literature, sport, design, fashion, place or destination, period in time, song or type of music, leisure activity, language or culture, animal, and so on. The possibilities are endless. Even if someone has done that theme before, it will be unique when you do it your own way.

Pick an Unusual Location: More than likely, your parents were married at a traditional location, such as a hotel, catering venue, church, synagogue, temple or other religious location. You have a world of options open to you. As with a theme, picture the type of backdrop or environment that would look great in a wedding photo. After all, the photos will be your way of remembering your wedding in 50 years. Ideas include national parks, historic houses, seashores, mountains, trendy lofts, sailboats, museums and galleries, festivals, or even an amusement park. I’ve never heard of anyone having a wedding at Great Adventure, but can you imagine yourself in your wedding gown racing down a roller coaster? If so, that would certainly be unique.

If you can’t avoid the shower, than take freelance writer Jessica Murphy’s suggestion and ask your guests to not wrap their presents. That way you can just display the gifts for everyone to see, thank everyone and enjoy a nice leisurely lunch mingling with your guests. Not only will this save you from having all eyes on you as you open each gift, but it will also help salvage the environment by saving all that wasted paper on your anti-style. As far as the bachelorette party goes, consider taking advantage of this. You don’t have to plan it — you just have to attend. Even that anti-bride should enjoy a girls only weekend getaway. Ask yourself, why not?

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