Reviewing the LG Widscreeen TV

December 12, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Television Entertainment

Recently the other half retired and swiped the telly and locked herself away in the attic to watch soaps all day but did offer to buy me a big screen TV for the lounge.

The LG 42LK450U is every mans dream when it comes to TV’s. It gives the game of football a whole new meaning. Because the new 42in TV comes with HD and Freeview pre-installed and the Sky box we had from before I can now watch every channel there is out there.

Gaming wasn’t one of my hobbies but now we have the big TV I can’t wait to try the PS3 on the fantastically clear screen.

By connecting your MP3 player and your digital camera to the 42LK450U TV you can make your very own slideshow featuring your family having fun. To build up your collection of slideshows you will need a big memory card in the side of your 42LK450U.

Not only sideshows can be stored on the 42LK450U’s memory card because you can store full movies on them also. The memory card is such a versatile thing when it comes to football and films as it can store them all together. You can buy cards really cheaply nowadays.

Depending on how much light there is in the room the LG will automatically adjust the brightness and colour to the best viewing settings for you. A good idea to save you money for the electric bill. What a great idea to come up with.

With 3 HDMI slots at the back of the LG screen you can connect a Blu-Ray player and a Home Cinema as well as listen to your own cool sounds on your MP player.

The 42LK450U LG 42in TV was delivered free of charge by Amazon and I got it in a couple of days of ordering it. It was packed ready for a trip to the moon and back with all the foam and other packaging bits and pieces.

The sound quality is second to none with its different functions like 2 stereo speakers, Dolby Digital, Infinite surround sound and an echo function my neighbour is plucking up courage to come and tell me to turn it down.

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