Researching the Productivity of a Digial Press

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Metrics and measurement and data always are useful to tell businesses how things are going, what is working, what isn’t working and so on. Metrics can tell a company whether it is doing the right thing, doing it wrong or perhaps lead to a conclusion that there are better alternative paths to take. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that measuring the productivity of a digital press can be undertaken and should be undertaken.

The following types of data mentioned to collect and the analysis of it is critical to make a print operation run more efficiently and to be more profitable as well. An independent benchmark study was recently released that attempts to provide an estimate the level of a digital press Availability by determining Potential and Actual production time measurements via a sampling of digital presses. Undertaken by SpencerLabs, the company took a great deal of effort and time to design and implement a clear methodology for their research. They wanted to provide clear quantitative data results based on some basic and common parameters.

Looking at the variances among non-press events and determining the Potential and Actual production times for each of the measured digital press devices. The company was then able to derive the Availability percentage of each press from this data. The company also designed some guides and tools to utilize for the real-time data tracking and recording by the actual digital press operators.

What they found is the fact that full 100% production wasn’t achievable but they did discover a number of elements that may impact the Availability of a digital press and consequently impact the actual production measurement. Listed here are ten with the elements: Press Error Waste, Quality Control, Job Setup, Waiting for the Press, Paper Jam, Planned Maintenance, Consumable Change, Service, Repair and Monitoring Routine.

SpencerLab’s methodology enabled digital press workers, even in very high productivity commercial press environments to collect the metric data without a competitive bias and also without impacting the worker’s productivity. A lot of digital press operations have begun to use digital papers such as vinyl paper.

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