Premature Balding – What Are Your Options?

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Just after I had turned eighteen a buddy of mine looked at the top of my head and stated: “Dude, looks like you’re getting a bit of a bald patch!” But I was so young and it seemed so absurd that I didn’t think much of it. That was until my early 20s when I spotted in a picture that my widow’s peak was sneaking up higher on my forehead. The obvious widow’s peak is a definite feature for most of the guys in my family so again I dismissed it assuming that was as far as it would go. The closer I got to 30 the more noticeable it became that my hairline was getting even worse and that I was thinning out on my crown too. I was shocked. I was only a young man. How could this be happening to me? My confidence took a nose dive and I was feeling a tad disheartened.

It really is an awful sensation when you become aware that you are losing your hair particularly when you look around your social group at all the perfect hairlines, you feel cheated and isolated. There is also the extra strain on you from your peers because in the modern world a full head of hair is synonymous with youth and virility. It has you questioning yourself. Will you look unfavorable to a potential employer? Or even more serious are you going to be dismissed by women?

There are a number of misconceptions when it comes to hair loss. Wearing headwear will not make your hair fall out and neither will applying hair products. It’s actually natural to shed hair; in fact, the typical person will lose between 50 and 100 hairs each day. But for some these hairs will not always be regrown. The most typical cause of hair loss in males is the genetic condition androgenic alopecia which is more commonly referred to as male pattern baldness. Men with this particular problem have greater amounts of the hormone known as 5(alpha)-reductase, which converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT attacks hair follicles, slowly shrinking them which leads to shorter, finer hair until finally the hair follicle dies.

If you have read this far and can relate then you have probably come to grips with your loss of hair but what can you do about it? You could try your best to hide it possibly with the good old comb over or in my situation the comb forward. But that isn’t going to do the trick indefinitely and you will finally wind up looking like Donald Trump.

A pair of regularly used hair loss remedies are Rogaine and Propecia. Rogaine is a solution that is applied specifically to the scalp. Rogaine functions to increase the size of shrunken hair follicles so they can produce lengthier, thicker hairs. Propecia is a pill that helps to restrict the manufacture of DHT (the hormone that we established is liable for shrinking the hair follicles to begin with). The issue with both of these medications is that they contain finastercide which has been connected to erection problems and reduced libido. The other downside is that the minute you stop using these products your hair will go back to the original condition.

Another alternative is laser treatment in which a low level laser is used to activate hair follicles and entice hair growth. This is actually something which I have tried personally. I once paid a company a large amount of money for a plan made up completely of the previously mentioned medicines and a few laser hair sessions. There was very little improvement. Bear in mind that the effects will vary because naturally everyone is different; however, I certainly could not see the validation of the multi-thousand dollar sale price.

The previous remedies work on the philosophy that you detect your hair loss early. If it’s too late in your case there are a few aesthetic possibilities for example a hair piece. These can be costly and hard to maintain. And despite looking realistic, all it takes is for somebody to run their hand through your hair to realise that it isn’t real. You might also attempt hair transplants where healthy hair is harvested from the other parts of your scalp and transferred to the bald areas. It’s usually a costly or painful procedure plus there is the potential risk of scarring.

The last option and this is one that I have been leaning towards recently is to just go bald with dignity. Shave your head. Look at a few of the guys out there making this look cool. Michael Jordan, Vin Diesel and Bruce Willis just to mention a few. True, it will likely be off-putting to shave that first strip, but you can find guys out there with flawless hairlines that pick this as a style because it looks hot and in some cases makes them look younger.

You need to know that losing your hair is not the end of the universe despite the fact that it is annoying because it is something you do not have a lot of control over. Bare in mind you are not alone with studies proving that one in four males will encounter hair loss before they turn 30. It’s not your haircut that defines you. It’s how well you carry yourself.

We have all been in a rut, locked in a pattern of circumstances that we cannot seem to get out of. Sometimes, those circumstances change by themselves, but more often we need to take action to ensure that we don’t become stuck in a rut.


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