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Today, the term “Celtic spirituality” is an umbrella term, an ambiguous magical term embraced by adherents of a variety of spiritual traditions. There are Celtic Reconstructionists, who attempt to reenact as closely as possible the ancient religious practices of the Celts, neodruid orders who embrace the romantic ideal of the druid as learned scholar and wise religious teacher.

There are the Celtic Christians, both Catholic and Protestant, who look to the gentle traditions of Ireland and embrace the natural world and the inner landscape. Finally, there are the myriad numbers of neopagans and Wiccans, who take inspiration from Celtic traditions and symbolism in their rites.

They had a preference for rural life. They were close to nature and God’s creatures. They loved poetry, music, and art. They were passionate about peace and justice. They included animals, crops, seasons, elements, and the stars in their understanding of God’s providence and plan. They were content in simplicity. They valued family loyalty.

Pagan Celtic Spirituality understood that all of existence has a cyclic nature, and that there is a direct continuity between the material world and the otherworld. Druidic teachings, that have come down to us through Welsh tradition, recognized that there is an unseen world that interpenetrates and affects the visible world. Things are just not what they seem.

Everything exists on several simultaneous levels. Human beings can understand things as having three levels: the physical, the spiritual, and the symbolic. Thus, Celtic culture was integrated with nature, and expressed itself through the multiple possibilities of life itself. Celtic religion taught the reincarnation of all individual souls, and the appearance of divine beings on Earth.

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