Making Invisible Braces The Option For You

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Here is a new method for patients who suffer with crooked teeth. Invisalign braces provide a more pleasing aesthetic when dental intervention is required to straighten your smile. This is a new technique in comparison to the more well-known metal bracket method. It utilizes nearly clear mouthpieces to move teeth into position. Because they are less noticeable than the large metal bands attached to each tooth, many prefer this manner.

When consulting with your dental provider, he will utilize technology to show you the end result obtainable with Invisalign. This will also allow him to estimate the length of treatment time, which will also help to approximate the cost. Armed with this info will permit the patient to consider pricing when making their method selection.

The length of treatment also plays a large role in the decision process. The traditional metal bracket type can take up to twice as long as the clear mouthpieces. For more mature patients and those in higher profile careers, the mostly clear devices are less noticeable and are the more preferred option. This is a personal choice and all factors should be considered carefully in making your decision.

A preliminary impression of the person’s teeth is taken and this info, along with the final positioning is sent to a lab. The technicians construct the many mouthpieces needed during the treatment phase. The number can be large as the devices are exchanged every few weeks to keep the teeth moving in a constant, gradual shift.

Because this type shifts the teeth more slowly than the severe tightening of the metal wires every forty-five days or so, many people find this method a lot more comfortable. It must be stated that for this method to work and stay on track, the devices must be in place all the time. Only during eating and brushing should they be taken out.

Sometimes, the mouthpieces cannot provide the shift needed for certain teeth. This may cause the provider to affix small enamel-colored buttons to these teeth to aid in their movement. He may also attach small elastic bands and change devices earlier to keep on track.

Once the patient is satisfied with the result, it is important to maintain tooth positioning. Another clear device is designed and worn for this purpose, and is called a retainer. The length of time this must be worn is determined by the dentist. Many people continue to wear it at night for even longer periods of time, as a safety measure. Invisalign braces can help perfect your smile, while allowing you to continue life more normally.

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