Make Learning Things Fun Using Educational Kid’s Games

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If you currently have young kids, you know how important it is to find methods for making learning fun. Children just seem to effortlessly learn more when the things they do are enjoyable and also educational. You will be able to teach them several fun educational activities at home without having to spend outrageous amounts of money on electronic learning games found in stores. Often times, you can even make these games on your own, without having to spend a lot of time, effort or expense. Take a look at these great suggestions for fun and also educational games for your little one.

Alphabet Search

If your children don’t know how to read yet, then a really good thing for them to do is to be able to learn the sounds in the alphabet and recognize words that start with these sounds. Fill up a three-ring binder with twenty-six plastic page protectors to form an alphabet book. Then, use an indelible marker to write one letter from the alphabet on every page, in both upper case and lower case. Or, you could use brightly colored alphabet stickers to label the pages. Gift the book to your child, along with some outdated magazines and some safety scissors. After that they get to look through the magazines to find pictures of items that start with every letter of the alphabet. Every time they find one they get to cut it out and place it in the right page protector. When they are all done, go over the whole thing with them. If there are any photos in the wrong sheet, talk about them and find the right page together. You may then empty all of the page protector pockets, and your kid can play the game all over again. Another fun step to include to that is to allow your child to use the pictures they cut out to make a photo collage from their magazine clippings, then put the collage inside a cute yellow picture frames, or whichever color they might like.

Searching For Numbers

This game can be adjusted based on the skill level of your youngster. For the youngster who is just learning how to count and identify numbers, write the numbers 1 through 10 on a small stack of sticky notes, one number on each sheet. Then, give the pad to your little one and tell them to hunt through the house for objects that match the numbers on every note. When they find a match, they can stick the sticky note onto the object. For example, a television that has got five control knobs would be a good match for the number “5,” while their three-drawer dresser would be a match for “3,” and If you have multiple children, you could make this game into a big race, with the winner being whoever hunts down matches for all their numbers first. For the older kid who is learning addition or subtraction, you could place math problems on all of the sticky notes rather than the actual number. Then they will have the added phase of solving the math problem and after that finding things to match the answers. Of course, this game might also be modified for other learning experiences, like giving your child a sticky note pad with letters of the alphabet on them or the names of different colors. It is often fun to watch your kid as they have fun with this game, so make sure you take a few photos, which you may then display in some pretty triple picture frames to enjoy later.

You and your child can both have fun as you play these games and your kid learns along the way.

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