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Are you certain you are prepared to get a girlfriend now? You’d be surprised to know that many guys are not all set for the big leap. One reason is that they never comprehend what a guy has to do to meet women. They hope for fate to lend a hand. For them, getting a girl friend means waiting for the right girl to come. It’s like expecting to have a girlfriend without doing something. Well, that will by no means happen. Here i will discuss some suggestions to get a girlfriend now.

1. Create a Compelling Homebase

Whether you are living alone or with your parents, your house base matters. It’s where you prepare for work and bring acquaintances over. You control everything that is in there, including who you invite to visit. If you are serious about getting a girlfriend, your preparations must start in the place where you’ll be inviting her most of the time.

This is the line between a girlfriend and a fling. A girlfriend would like to see how you function in your living space. You can seduce a girl just by showing her that you’ve a great place.

Knick knacks that show off your individuality should be displayed. Any lady who enjoys her time with you in your homebase would want to come back. At the very least, she must be mystified about your character.

2. First Impressions are Priceless

Women have varying tastes when it comes to the men they date, but you can never get it wrong by looking smart, clean and well-mannered. But you should never look like a slob or reek foul odor anywhere. Ladies are attracted to men who know the essentials of being attractive.

The things you say to her on your first meeting will be the basis for future interactions. Telling her you are an actor or a director will create an image in her head. The same thing applies when you tell her that you’ve traveled to different places. Expose the facets of your individuality that tell excellent things about you.

3. Challenge Yourself

Meeting a woman who’s more likely to be your girlfriend means finding out what the horizon has to offer. If you don’t break your habit in any way, you’ll be stuck with the same women you meet every day.

The same goes when you are in a social gathering where you know some people and the rest are strangers. Never spend all of your time speaking with the people you know. Leave your group for a while and introduce yourself to others.

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