Is She Into Me?

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Women often give the impression that they’re playing coy when they really don’t feel like dating the guy. If all you get are mixed signs, you might begin confusing what’s real and what’s not. One time, it might be noticeable that she’s giving you the kind of attention you want. Other times, you think she’s giving you the cold shoulder.

Most guys cannot act directly what is the real score. They’re scared to hear the real answer. Rejection is indeed a scary thing. If like all the other guys, you’re scared of asking openly, you can do the following.

Date Night

It can be extremely helpful to see how she acts in response to you in a one-on-one date. You should find out how to evaluate her feelings based on her actions. Going out for coffee can be a prospect to show your nature. If going for coffee is not your thing, you can do something else. Make her join you in a sport or activity that you like.

That she keeps going out with you indicates she may have feelings for you. You won’t have to fret about spending time on these brief dates. In fact, these dates will enhance your chances of turning her into a girlfriend soon. Chatting all through lunch hour or after work can be a great way to bond with the girl so that she would want to see you again. These quick dates are significant for setting up the long date, which could last overnight.

Observe Her Body language

You can get hints on how she’s feeling by observing her body language when you are around. These actions are inherent. She cannot help but show these reactions. The benefit of body language is that they provide you clues about her affection for you. You can evaluate her feelings just by observing.

A lady in love would want you to see her best assets. She wants you to keep staring. Her clothes may give clues that she wants you to look. Acting flirty means looking at you sideways and giggling. A girl also tosses her hair often, while laughing or while talking. A woman’s hair is considered as her asset. The more she plays with her hair, the more she’s expressing her attraction.

Closing the Gap

A woman will act in a distinctive way when you’re around, if she feels even the tiniest sliver of attraction. She wants to be in the seat next to yours. You might find her leaning toward you more. These actions tend to be unconscious. She talks louder, laughs more often and looks at you frequently.

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