How To Raise Cattle – Crucial Tips On Starting A Cattle Ranch With Grain Feeding

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Take care when introducing cattle to grain and pelleted diets as there is a risk of grain poisoning. Good security of grain stores and standing crops is essential in order to prevent accidental poisoning. The high starch content of most grains can cause grain poisoning. Lupin is the exception because it is low in starch. If you intend to turn stock onto stubble, it may be a wise precaution to feed some grain beforehand, so that the rumen bacterial population becomes adapted to grain.

When stock are fed grain or any feed that has a high carbohydrate content, the feed must be introduced gradually so that the animal’s rumen has time to adapt to the increasing levels. There should also be a minimum of 10-20% roughage in any ration. During the introductory phase to grain feeding, animals should be closely monitored. Diarrhea is often the first sign of mild grain poisoning, and if this is seen in a number of animals, the proportion of hay in the ration should be further increased.

Some grains, for example lupins, are safer to feed than others. Similarly, it is safer to feed oats, which have a higher ratio of fibre to starch than does wheat. When cattle are introduced to a high-grain diet, they should be started on a ration consisting primarily of hay, with the percentage of grain being gradually increased over 2-3 weeks.When changing between different types, or even batches, of grains, and especially when changing between batches of pellets, the new feed should be introduced by ‘shandying’ it with the old and gradually increasing the proportion of the new feed over about 7 days.

As you go along, you will discover many books that will teach you the basic and advanced tips and strategies on how to effectively breed and rear cattle for profit. This means learning the basics on feeding cattle, how to breed cattle, and even how to sell cattle to either corporations or direct consumers. All in all, you need to have a stable and solid business plan when dealing with business transactions to be able to receive profit worthy enough of your efforts and investments.

Knowledge on selection and breeding cattle is also essential if you want to raise a herd of high quality and impressive cattle. In order to do this, you need to balance selection of genetics with your hands-on skills in managing your very own herd. Once done properly and consistently, you will surely have a herd that many consumers will keep an eye on.

Raising dairy cattle can improve quality of life and supply amazing fulfillment and accountability for families. Discover your alternatives and then decide. If you are keen for more tips on raising cattle and cattle feeding, please go to:


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