How to Make the Right White Gold Mens Wedding Bands Decisions

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Wedding rings were traditionally made from gold, however gold in its purest form is very soft. In fact, rings made from pure gold, or 24 carat gold to be more precise, only last 3-4 years before becoming extremely thin and fragile. For this reason, gold is combined with other metals to form an alloy. Gold alloys come in a range of purities. As I have mentioned, 24 carat gold (99.99% gold) is very soft. Alternatives include 22 carat, 18 carat,14 carat and 9 carat. Over the years 18 carat gold has been the alloy of choice for women and 9 or 14 carat for men. Men traditionally work in areas (such as construction) that are not friendly to jewelry so a harder alloy was the preference.

The least expensive rings often have the most meaning to a couple, and need not even match. Some couples go the route of using rings from each of the families’ heirloom collections. These people wear rings from ancestors they were particularly close with, either emotionally, or in size, and may even include descriptions of the relationships in the wedding vows. Some of these couples use the family heirlooms as starter rings when they first marry, especially if they do not have the means to afford something else, and will buy more expensive rings as anniversary gifts later in the marriage.

You will have many choices of metals, and this will affect the look of the ring. A very popular one is gold. Even in this you will have choices. Many people get white or yellow gold. Within these you can get gold of different carats. 10k is cheaper, while 14k is very popular. 18k has a rich gold color and is a little more expensive. There are other less common ones as well such as rose gold and even darker golds. If you do not have as much money to spend you can get silver, but you will have to watch for tarnishing. Some people spend more and get platinum wedding bands. There are also some less common types of metals that you can find.

It is always nice for the groom’s ring to be similar, if not matching the bride’s wedding band. This just creates a further personal touch, but is not essential. However, if you would like something more than a plain gold band for your wedding ring, it is common to have engraved patterns or small diamonds set into the band. This will depend on personal preference, but will suit both the bride and the groom’s wedding band.

In these ways, a couple getting married can save money on wedding rings. This oftentimes pleases the groom, as men tend to prefer simpler and less expensive jewelry than women, especially if they work in certain trades. Inexpensive, simple wedding bands can be the perfect gift for the groom on his big day and symbolize his commitment to his bride for years to come.

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