How to Handle Irritated, Explosive Youngsters

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The label stiff explosive child cannot be found in the DSM-IV, the diagnosis book for psychiatric abnormalities. It is simply an outline for children who exhibit terribly hard behaviours concerning paddies, rage attacks, meltdowns, and impulsivity.

The explosive kid has limited capability to conform and be flexible or adapt to life circumstances. They experience frustration simply and hate to learn “no!”

The explosive child becomes overwhelmed simply and lack standard coping gifts. When they reach their threshold they act out, behave irrationally, and cannot control themselves. These kids hardly make a reply to reasoning, frequently throw or break things, and display too much rash emotion.

These explosive kids have a particularly low tolerance for stress, simply become frustrated and cannot control their behaviors. These children could be extraordinarily concrete in their thinking, be rigid and unable to come to a compromise. They're often avoided or eschewed by peers, and believed to be bullies. They don't reply suitably to implications or rewards, and even serious punishments appear to have no positive impact. Actually there are not many behavior approaches that work at all for these youngsters, leaving elders provoked and confused.

I’m not convinced that the explosive kid is a product of “poor or dysfunctional parenting.” I do believe however , that many of them experienced emotional trauma or bleak stress at some point in their life whether or not it was in the uterus, and this somehow “set them up” for the majority of the difficulty they have later along in life.

Some kids come into the world more emotionally voliatile and reactive than others. These personality features can often be seen from the day they are born, but if they also have received exposure to excess stress, change, doubt, or shock of any sort, it may increase their sensitivity and reactivity. It might have been a worrying pregnancy, diet deficiencies, toxemia or gestational diabetes. Maybe there had been exposure to drugs, cigarettes, alcohol or heavy metals like lead, cadmium, copper or mercury, prior to or after their birth. Perhaps the mom or child was exposed innocently to molds or carbon monoxide fumes. Perhaps the mummy and baby experienced birth injury, a long work or loss of oxygen. Even if the kid was breast fed, there might have been allergies or sensitivities, because of the mother’s diet. Vaccines and antibiotics, high fevers, or exposure to poisons or chemicals, during infancy also can not be overlooked, even in “easy” personality youngsters,

It’s maddening for moms and pops, but it's more maddening for these kids. Nobody enjoys being reprimanded or punished and singled out! It’s shaming and only adds to all of their daily disappointment.

Most inflexible-explosive children are boys who are finally diagnosed as suffering from ADHD, bi-polar, hysteria or obsessive-compulsive disorder. Many may also have sensory processing defects that increase their stress. Few are ever diagnosed suitably! Many finish up with a psychiatric doctor who suggests adult medicines rather than giving them practical research and proper lab tests. Most of them have concealed toxicities, and food or environmental allergies causing their agitation, over-stimulation, bad temper and reckless behaviours.

With my child Matt it took 10 years and lot of NLP to find out that yellow and red food dyes lead him to become aggressive. He loved Kraft Mac and Cheese, Cactus Coolers, Hawaiian Punch and red licorice! He was in the sixth grade before we spotted he was also reactive to formaldehyde, in all the “portable” classrooms at school!

After one or two years of detective work my private inflexible-explosive kid became controllable. There was nothing simple about it, while it was better than drugging him and gave me the experience I required for the work I do today!

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