How to Care for Your Inflatable Spas

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Having a spa in the home is a dream that can be made true these days by purchasing an inflatable spa as opposed to a traditional one. However, even a blow up tub will be quite pricey and this means that you really have to learn how to care for your tub just as you would your traditional spa.

If you choose a blow up tub then although you will be spending less cash than you would on a normal tub, you are still investing in an item of quality and one that you will need to look after for years to come. If for example you think that your spa will not be in use in the winter months then it is implicit that you clean and empty it properly. Gently wash out the spa with a light detergent and leave it to dry thoroughly before folding it away.

If you clean your spa correctly it will only take a few minutes of your time, but you will then be able to store it away for the whole winter and it will remain in good condition. If you do not clean and dry your tub properly and you fold it up to out away then you will be harboring bacteria and germs and when you come to unpack the spa next summer not only will it be damp and bad smelling but it will also be riddled with harmful bacteria.

If however you will be using your inflatable throughout the entire year, then make sure that you cover it over, especially in the fall to ensure leave sand pollen do not drop on the surface. Always skim the surface of the pool before you enter and also make sure the filters are kept clean. On days when the tub will not be in use it is essential that you still switch the motor on for at least half an hour to circulate the water.

You must not forget that as well as cleaning your pool you will be required to add the same chemicals as you would to a traditional tub. You will need to add a slightly weaker solution however, that will help you save money. A blow up spa is indeed not just more economical on chemicals, but it takes less power and generally uses less water too.

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