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The regular way of asking out a woman is to meet her someplace and exchange contact information. Once you know the way, you can always get the phone numbers of ladies you meet.

Men treat a girl’s phone number like it’s the holy grail that they must get by the end of the evening. Being able to get a phone number is a challenge in itself. Like it or not, the choice to be in touch again is reliant on the girl. You can’t do a thing about it if she does not provide you with her real phone number. No matter what you do, she has to be willing to volunteer the details herself.

Here are some suggestions if you’re looking for ways to make a girl provide you with her number.

Step 1: Smooth First Impression

While it’s true that you should never judge a book by its cover, the books that have appealing things on the cover will be picked up first. You can increase your chances with a girl if you make a good first impression. In 30 seconds or less, a girl would know whether you’re a man she would want to date, so make the first impression count. You cannot blame these women because they often get hit on by men. She cannot spend an hour figuring out that you’re an interesting guy even if you clammed up when you approached her.

Step 2: Grab Her Attention

If you know what you’re doing grabbing a girl’s attention will come easy. If, for example, all you can think about is the weather, you can be certain she will be bored to death. Remember, a girl must make the decision to have a chat with you before the conversation even happens. Have a list of openers ready if you have no idea how to grab a girl’s full interest.

When a girl is bored with the talk you’re having, her focus slips further. She may begin looking around for somebody else to talk to. The point is, if you are boring, she will not willingly give you her number when you ask. The truth is, you may not even have the chance to ask her number because she slipped away.

Step 3: Hook Her Into the Discussion

One method to keep a woman in a conversation is to get her talking about herself. Every question must pose an out of the ordinary topic to talk about. You know about leading questions right? These are the kinds of questions you need to ask. A question is a very good one if it gets her talking and explaining her answer.

Useful conversation topics include why she’s in that particular bar. You can also say something ambiguous to get her curious. Questions that can be answered by a yes or a no are not good for making conversation unless she is already hooked into the talk in the first place.

Accomplish all these and you can ensure that she will give you her real phone number by the end of the night.

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