Funeral Wreath Flowers Etiquette

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Funeral Wreaths are typically delivered locally to a funeral home service, chapel, wake location or mortuary to honor the passing of a loved one. Flowers and wreaths are ordered for delivery by immediate family members, close friends and associates to express their deepest sympathy toward this loss.

Regardless of the connection that the individual has to the deceased, it is important to recognize that there is etiquette involved in the process of having funeral flowers delivered. When it comes to a ‘funeral home specific’ floral item like a funeral wreath, sending it at the right time is a critical thing to not get wrong! This means having your flowers delivered 2-3 hours before the funeral starts.

If it turns out that you cannot meet this kind of deadline, you might consider calling the funeral home to determine if there will be another calling hours window of time. This is another opportunity to have your flowers delivered during an appropriate part of the day.

Having a funeral wreath or similar flowers delivered by a florist during the actual funeral service might turn out to be impossible for you. If that is the case, sending flowers to the family’s place of residence is also a popular practice. It is appreciated nonetheless.

What is not appropriate is being adamant that your flowers, floral wreath or plant delivery arrive at a service or cemetery at the eleventh hour (so to speak), as this is turning a thoughtful gesture into the possible interference of an emotional event.

The home might even turn the florist away or place the order aside for when the service has concluded. In these instances, you might never know if the family actually even became aware of your delivery.

There also exists the choice to deliver flowers a little bit after the funeral has taken place. Although it is human nature to think you have to immediately address the family, there are benefits to having your flowers delivered at a future date. It lets the family know that their loss has not been forgotten. You might be surprised as to how this can provide a different type of comfort to them.

Keep in mind though that this alternative does not really apply to a funeral wreath. Funeral wreaths are designed for the funeral service itself. This is due to their size, setting design and fact that they stand on an easel. None of these characteristics are really fitting for the persons home. You are better off sending a flower bouquet or plant in this case.

Most flower delivery services and flower shops are quite conscientious with regards to the sensitivity of getting this kind of delivery ‘right’. There is not exactly a second chance to make a first impression with this one.

So if you are sending flowers to honor a deceased individual, take the time to do it right. There are some appropriate options that add to the flexibility of your kind act. However, keep in mind that if it is a funeral wreath that you are sending, there is only one way to get it right. This is simply by confirming the visiting hours and being sure that the florist gets it there before these hours begin!

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