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When green tea herb this solution after an analogous will dry papyrus bathing room paper structure, however the material again over the disposal, dyeing and mildew system, can form this simple sense of disparities and consequences, female Low-cost Clothing style. Imperial college London molecular biologist Paul-FuLiMengTe (Paul Freemont) tutor said: “these bacteria is often natural form QianWeiSi, gather together QianWeiSi floating in teas solution. However, this material outline just isn’t, and casual sex, Bristol, we need strong response for the manufacturing process of the particular ordered them. Once they feel like, dry up, and very extreme house hard. People will not really easily the torn. ”

FuLiMengTe says, now the clothing material market also need to actually win over a nice selection of provocation. He exaggerated claims, because the material is the solution by green tea the formation of germs, it won’t be as well good to smell the particular breath, it is need to deal with. 08: 24: 01 origin: the first tea netting treasure

London imperial college stuff experts Alexander-Bismarck (Alexander Bismarck) train and Paul-FuLiMengTe (Paul Freemont) teach accomplishing this of QianWeiSi ongoing by means of bacterial Cheap Clothing, the application of artificial biological activities make more bacteria. They think that way, the eve of the fruit from the QianWeiSi effectiveness, and formed the material new function.

Buying and selling team on 5 November-a few days ago, British scientists as well as fashion plan division fresh developed a tea materials material, new “tea shirt” or stands out as the future of fashion dress up up fresh standard.

In other words vinegar bacteria (Acetobacter) of bacteria may be in a hurry to teas this solution QianWeiSi square, DianMo two to about three weeks, these QianWeiSi polymerization in entirely, wet form fine small QianWeiSi piece, when after drying becomes predominant. Based on the discussion, the London art design college senior designer SuShanNi Lee (Suzanne Lee) already take advantage of this material to build clothes.

Made by tea leathery material is quite light, can be used in the manufacture of tank top, jacket, clothing, and shoes and boots. Imperial college London as well as the London art design institute in the scientists developed the dinner with design clothing supplies, the current along with the cotton, wool and household leather clothing material increasing need traditional, this made different tea clothing fabric is often a no damage to your ecological conditions, can continuity supplies, deal with clothing industry is rather main influence.

These tea of garments materials with sugar along with exists in other nutrient material within the solution of green green tea, a few days following the material about can always be increased development. In the green tea solution in some bacteria can be natural growth long Cheap Clothing, these QianWeiSi together kind a thin fabric cushion adrift while in the general situation of mixed solution.

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