Do Laminate Floors need underlay?

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If you’ve made the choice to go for laminate flooring, you will most definitely enjoy the many advantages and benefits it has to offer. However, once you have chosen the style and type, there is also the need to choose underlay for it.

Underlay sits between your flooring and the base floor. It helps the floor to feel comfortable when you walk on it. It helps the floor to look its best, and sound its best. Some laminate flooring underlay is designed for normal heating and some of it is designed for under floor heating.

Both types of underlay are lightweight and easy to fit. It just depends what you want your underlay to do. Often different rooms will needs different types of underlay. The standard underlay is designed to keep the warmth inside a room and comfort, while under floor heating laminate underlay is designed to allow the heat to flow through the underlay as well as comfort.

It’s important that if you are installing a new laminate floor, that you replace the underlay as well. You will often hear people say that “underlay doesn’t make a difference” or “it costs too much” but the reality is very different. Old underlay often holds on to dirt, mites, and dust which can seep through new laminate flooring, making it appear dirty. It can also crumble, collapse, and crack, making the floor appear uneven.

Underlay is a worthwhile investment, and getting the right underlay for your laminate flooring is essential. Don’t forget to figure in the cost while getting a quote for your laminate flooring. It’s also worth asking if they will do you a deal as well!

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