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If you are using the internet at all, then security should be your main concern. A surprising 50 percent of all small- to medium-sized businesses with an online presence do not have proper security measures in place.

Virtual reality has been a mile stone in the law enforcement. Virtual reality is like a 4D film in which you feel almost as near to the original scene that has happened. This helps during the case solving in a court where the witness tells the scene of the crime in as much detail as he saw it and it is being projected on the screen to match the original scenario that has happened.

Other important achievement that has been made is ‘on site’. This term explains that the police officers and investigators have different tablet PCs or note books in their squad cars which could detect the people, etc. they have databases and other software through which they could carry the interviews and thoughts of people about the crime and send immediate reports to the head office or any law and enforcement controlling official when the scene of the crime is still fresh. Mobile electronics have also proves to be very use full because they can catalog, transfer or copy the evidence at the crime scene and can be managed and processed immediately after it reaches the head department of police station. Other technology like crime scene detectors are able to copy or identify the finger prints at the moment thus enabling the other officers to move fast in the matter and help the police gain full access to the criminals.

Monitoring software is the best solution for businesses wanting to protect their assets. The software will capture all employee computer and internet activity. The monitoring software captures screenshots, internet websites visited, both sides of internet chats, and a list of software applications used and for how long.

If a business has employees working from home or at a remote location many monitoring software applications offer different options for viewing the tracking logs. Some software can email the employer the tracking log report or the employer can sign into a secure internet account to view all logs. Monitoring software allows a company to download the tracking logs and screenshots for recording keeping as well. This makes monitoring any company computer or internet access easy and effortless.

Computer and internet monitoring software is available for Macintosh computers as well as Windows. Once the monitoring software is installed the software will silently and secretly capture all computer and internet activity and will allow the company to look over the tracking logs at their convenience.

Registry Repair PC tune or registry cleaning software is available to us and should be used regularly. Registry repair is necessary because sometimes we want to remove programs from our computer. Uninstall packages are not always efficient in removing everything associated with a program. All of these extra bits of information can slow down your computer, and they definitely make registry cleaning a must.

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