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There is hardly any such thing as perfect when it comes to job interviews. What you can do is get as close to it as possible in your preparations. It works with how much information you have, about yourself and about the company whose job you are interviewing for.

They may have thought you ignorant because of the way you look, but you can turn it all around with what you do know. It is all well and good that you look incredible for the job interview, but what you’ve got going on upstairs is what will win or lose the job for you. Don’t compromise on that. You might not be the favorite candidate at the job interview, but you could still win the job if you are sincere enough about it. This requires that you be on point with everything that day. Go there prepared to answer every question, and to back them up with proofs if needs be.

It is important for you, going into a job interview, to know how to read people. Once you start talking, it might be the only thing you have going for you. That way, when you start saying stuff that no one needs, you can stop yourself once you see it on their faces.

You don’t want to be supplying information about yourself at a job interview that no one needs. You should speak only when spoken to, and answer just the question at hand. No more. It would be bad for you if you went and unearthed some irrelevant detail about yourself which somehow ended up costing you your chances for getting the job. You do need to understand that for different companies there are different ways that they conduct their job interviews. The one you will be going for in a couple of days is going to be conducted in a way that you need to get familiar with before then. Begin to ask questions around; they might be just what you need.

Even if they already have copies of your credentials and certificates in this new company, you might want to bring them along still to the job interview. You never know, they might ask for you to present them for confirmation. You wouldn’t want to be surprised by that, would you?

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