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Collectible toy stores are a specific type of specialty toy store. Specialty toy stores have a specialized selection of toys. They sell a particular brand, or a type of toy like dolls or toy soldiers. The products in a specialty store can be vastly different but they all fall under one theme. A collectible toy store may carry collectible dolls, action figures, figurines, toy soldiers, replica weapons, and vehicles. While these toys are very different, they are all collectible.

Anything someone collects can be considered a collectable toy. Though many collectibles are valuable or vintage this isn’t a necessity in a collectible. Many collectible toys are neither high cost nor antique. Collectible toys are simply those that someone has chosen to make a collection from and those that were manufactured specifically to be collected.

Collectible toys were first introduced as a means to encourage people to buy their product. An example of this is the toy in the McDonald’s Happy Meal. The toy that comes with the meal is collectible and it gives people an extra reason to buy their food.

Later, collectibles sold on their own. A line of collectibles are made in a range of related toys. William Britain toy soldiers for example have a collection of soldier from the American Civil War. All of the soldiers in their Civil War collection are different with different poses, faces, and personalities. But they all contribute to the William Britain American Civil War collection. A collector that buys all of these pieces can recreate an attractive portrayal of that war.

There are different types of collectible toys as well. Manufactured collectibles are those that are made specifically to be collected. Examples of these are limited edition toys that companies create a limited number of the product. Toy soldier manufacturers often make limited edition pieces. Because only a few of this specific model is created, it is more valuable to a collector.

Some collectible toys become that way because of popularity. Most toys are created with the intention of being play things for kids. If those toys become very popular, people may collect them. Toy soldiers are an example of this. Toy soldiers were created with the purpose of being a child’s toy and were played with as a toy for many years. When kids that had played with toy soldiers grew up, many kept their soldier collection and even added to it with new toy soldiers. Because of this trend, toy soldier companies started making toy soldiers specifically for collectors. Their soldiers had photograph like detail, action poses, personalities from many different battles, and are even painted by hand. These were also more expensive and geared toward adult collectors rather than play minded kids.

Everything from manufactured collectibles to collectibles that were originally intended to be toys are stocked at collectible toy stores. The range of collectible toys covers toy soldiers, dolls, action figures, and vehicles. Though that is a huge variety in toys, all of these are considered collectible and all can be found in a collectible toy store.

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