Children’s Birthday Parties are for the Parents

December 12, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Family Issues

When I was younger in University living on my own, my friends and I used to come up with the best party ideas. We’d rummage through thrift stores to create theme parties that went above and beyond like our yearly space party that had rooms with mattresses covering the floors, walls covered in aluminum foil, black lights and glow-in-the-dark paint everywhere.

I regard myself as a bit older and have a young kid who has a upcoming 1st birthday party. I could have thrown some crazy parties in my younger days but I haven’t thrown a children party and I imagine it might be a bit different.

Happily there are retail stores specializing in nothing apart from party supplies, the ultimate single stop shop to get party decorations, party balloons and other party accessories.

With my experience hosting spectacular theme parties while in College I knew I couldn’t give anything but the best to my tiny one years old girl. She asked for a princes party so that’s what she was going to get.

The party locale was going to be our backyard, which had a decent sized lawn. This would be my canvas. I purchased my girl a princess outfit and my other half and I were to dress as king and queen. I alerted all of the other kids and folks who would be joining and asked to dress according to circumstances.

After a lot of online searching I found a pink jumping castle that happened to appear like the Disney Castle. Around it we made a walkway that doubled as a slip and slide. At our local party decoration and birthday decoration supply shop I found medieval style decorations from knights and stone framed stain glass windows to trees and tiny adorable trolls that would hang under a padded bridge I was building over the watered slip and slide. The catering company I contracted would only be using genuine medieval food for the adults and baby food that looked like porridge for the kids. A pony ride was also contracted for the little knights and princesses to ride around on. I understand that the majority of these decorations would be lost on the kids but how could I do anything less for my daughter.

For detailed information on your local party supply shop check dLook, Australia’s local economy directory.


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