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Why You Should Neuter Your Cat

January 7, 2012 | Author: | Posted in Cats

Cats certainly feed on protein-rich meat and they are warm blooded carnivorous mammals. They are predators and hunters and they usually prey upon rats and mice. As for cats, they are also known for their great fighting skills. There are those who can even win a fight against snakes. And cats survive in almost all climates and geographical conditions.

Understanding Kittens

January 4, 2012 | Author: | Posted in Cats

Aside from appreciating that nearly every single thing they do is ridiculously adorable, kittens are learning a lot and ultimately shaping their future personality during their early weeks. The more you understand about your current or future feline-friend, the more you will be able to care for them and even shape their future behavior.

All About Dog Sports

January 1, 2012 | Author: | Posted in Cats

Humans are not the only ones who can engage in sports. Sports is also well-loved by our best friend, the dog. With dog sports, your dog’s life can be made fun and also very healthy. Here is a list of dog sports that you may want your dog to get involved into depending on his breed, of course.

Caring And Grooming Your Dog

December 30, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Cats

Brushing and combing your dog should be a pleasant ritual. A chair, a table, or a bench would be a satisfactory choice to do the grooming. Talk to the dog when you lift him onto the chair or table and reassure him that all is well. Make sure that he knows this is not an ordeal but rather he’s in for a treat. Allow to him to sniff the comb, brush, nail clippers, scissors, and any tools. Learning to associate these tools with a pleasant experience is an important thing. The situation should be handled with tact and care in order for the pup to look forward to it. Botch the job and you will be looking for the pup the next time you bring out the grooming tools.

Traveling with Pet Cats

December 29, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Cats

Taking kittens on a trip with you can be an unique experience if your cat isn’t acquainted with traveling. If you are considering vacationing with your cat it might be a good idea to prepare ahead of time to make sure things go as planned. If your cat has never even been in a vehicle then getting him or her used to this is the first step. An easy way to get started is to go for short drives with your cat. A quick trip to a city park might be a fun and easy way to kick off step one. Doing this can help relieve anxiety that cats and other pets experience when they aren’t used to traveling in a vehicle.