Capel Braided Rugs – A Look Into Braided Rugs

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Rugs are an attractive addition to any kind of home. They set the mood to any kind of home setting and they are simply lovely to look out. Recently, a growing number of people have become quite interested in braided rugs. Perhaps you, yourself, have found some interest in this kind of rug. So just what exactly is a braided rug? We know that they are out there and we have heard a lot about some of the most popular of them, like Capel braided rugs but do we really have a good idea of what they are? It is never too late to learn more about these lovely pieces of work.

There are three traditional kinds of rugs. There are hooked rugs, loom-woven rugs, and braided rugs. Several decades ago, they were quite popular and very widely-used. These rugs were first introduced very long, long ago and they can be found across cultures. Among the three, braided rugs are considered the easiest to make as they do not require any special tool, like those needed in making hooked rugs and loom-woven rugs.

In the US, braided rugs are believed to have been first introduced in New England, which is the considered to be the birthplace of the textile industry. It is quite obvious how braided rugs were quite popular in this area – all because materials are extremely easy to acquire. More than three centuries ago, braiding rugs has been the pastime of several women, especially that they have to see long nights without electricity, much more television. Braided rugs, as have been mentioned, do not require any special equipment to make, so women just kept on braiding to pass the long evenings away. Braiding rugs is also fairly easy to do, even in poor or low lighting.

Just because they can be made totally by hand does not mean that braided rugs are all too simple. Several intricate designs can be made from braiding and they can be formed into different shapes, patterns and sizes. They can be truly attractive and in the years past, they have become the centerpieces of several homes.

These days, several enthusiasts are trying to revive this kind of craft. Capel braided rugs, for example, are well known for their intricate designs and attractive colors. If you are looking for a stylish rug for your home, try to include braided rugs into your list of options.

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