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Shopping for rugs can be lots of fun and especially if you go online and look at rugs direct. This is a great online place where you can have so much variety of rugs and you can choose the one that suits your needs and you’re interior perfectly. You do not have to worry about any type of rugs because you will find almost all the types and all the textures in this place. You will also get lots of information related to rugs and the ways to place these rugs inside your house. Most of the times, people have wooden flooring inside their house and they do not like this expensive flooring to hide under the carpet. This is where rugs come into play because you can make this wooden flooring even more attractive by placing these rugs on it. Rugs will not cover the whole flooring but will just get that emptiness out of that flooring.

First of all you need to make your mind that whether you need handmade rugs or machine made because there is difference in quality as well as there is difference in price of both these types. Machine made are less expensive while handmade are more expensive. You need to make the choice according to your budget. Secondly you should know the color combination of your interior and choose the rugs accordingly. Rugs are available in all colors and you can choose one that suits your interior perfectly.

The quality of the rug is determines by the number of knots per inch and normally handmade rugs are of more superior quality than others. In U.S most of the rugs are machine made because there is not enough skilled labor in this country while Turkey is famous for its handmade rugs all across the globe. They have developed this art a lot and it’s been there from centuries. They do not compromise on quality and that is the reason Turkish rugs are the most expensive rugs in the world. You get uniform quality in these and rugs and you can always rely on this quality.

Cleaning and maintaining these rugs is also very important because most of the times it will happen that you may not find someone professional to wash it for you. In that case you will have to do it at home and that can be a tough experience if you do not have enough information on this. First of all make sure that you vacuum your rug regularly and especially when you have a wool rug, it has those small air pockets that can accumulate dust. This is very necessary to clean these pockets from dust and after cleaning them with vacuum, you should look to wash it.

There are different dyes used in these rugs and these dyes are sometimes chemical while often these dyes are also natural and to save them, you can only use neutral products to wash them. Washing and drying needs lots of care and attention and it is always better to go with someone professional to wash the bigger rugs because even if you wash them, but you will never be able to dry them properly. You can all of these and lot more instructions about rugs at rugs direct.

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