Approaching Girls with Confidence

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The biggest obstacle to the approach is the feeling of being overwhelmed. This kind of fear will undoubtedly show in your actions and words. The anxiety becomes unbearable when you think of cool things to say but nothing comes out. There is also no assurance that the girl will be interested in you. You have no idea how to behave if she doesn’t react to your flirting and if you run out of cool things to say.

If you have been through this experience before, you have what is termed approach anxiety. Even if it’s not impossible to treat this, it would take time. Even the veteran players still feel this around ladies, believe it or not. What you need to do is study how to approach ladies even when you’re nervous about it.

Allow me to share some suggestions.

1. Open Body Language

There are lots of people around in a nightclub. When you get there, it’s likely that you do not know anybody so you sit around doing nothing. This action is good for a couple of minutes maximum, after which you should get up and join the chat somewhere else. People are expected to go around and socialize in a crowded night club. Social interaction is the name of the game.

Ladies are looking at you. Women, interested or curious about the new guy that appeared, would be looking. Drinking alone and not talking to anyone would give the impression that you are creepy. No one wants to be around a guy who is obviously drowning in his sorrows. Socializing with others starts with your body language. Be more amicable even when everyone around is a stranger.

2. Eye Contact

It’s easy enough to make eye contact with a girl. The hard part is knowing what to do once you have made eye contact with a woman. A girl would either give you a passive look or a responsive look. A passive look is when you accidentally make eye contact with somebody. A passive look does not ask for a response. In the case of a reactive look, your eyes convey your desire to approach a girl. Unless a girl is too stoned to notice, she will reply with a look back or she will disregard you deliberately. You may use eye contact as a lure to catch the attention of the woman.

Eye contact will also give you a chance to assess the other person’s self confidence. It’s possible to feel ill at ease after being stared at in a meaningful way. It’s not always a given that a lady is more confident just because guys are approaching her. This should tell you that you are not the only one tense about the interaction.

3. Grin

The intensity of the eye contact is magnetic enough to make a girl flush. The feeling of being stared at with a meaningful gaze can be daunting. Smiling can soften the intensity and result in a warm feeling. Your friendliness comes through when you smile. It’s like your whole face lights up, and she cannot help but smile back.

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