Achieving Whiter Teeth: Bleaching May Not Be The Answer

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Many people hear the term “Teeth Whitening” and will immediately think about the cosmetic procedure that involves the utilization of a bleaching agent to lighten the exterior surfaces of the teeth. However , there are some “Teeth Whitening” situations which do not involve bleaching agents at all!

Stained Teeth

Consider the person who comes into the dental practice wanting their teeth whitened because they have noticed a stain building up gradually over time. As a result their teeth are quite yellow, apart from the tips of the teeth which remain their original white color. Most often the cause of this kind of staining is an accumulation of plaque and tartar, occasionally further stained by foods and drinks. Similarly, a person who attends with darker stains may discover that the discoloration is essentially caused by the foods and beverages that they have been consuming. Black tea and coffee, red wine, berry jams and anything else that stains clothing can also stain the teeth! Most often, these teeth can be brightened during a cleaning appointment with the Dnetist or Hygienist.

Some stains caused by nicotine can be removed by professional cleaning, although some nicotine stains are very stubborn.

Discolored Fillings

Sometimes the stain which has been noticed is actually due to a filling or a number of fillings, either in the front or back teeth.

An individual may detest the dark amalgam fillings in their molar teeth, and request a whitening procedure. The best treatment for this situation is generally to replace the old amalgam fillings with tooth-coloured fillings, either composite resin or porcelain.

Fillings in front teeth are usually made of tooth-coloured composite resin, and these generally match the teeth so well when they are new that they seem invisible. Over the passage of time the surface of composite resin fillings can wear down and become permeable, so stains from foods and drinks can discolour them. Sometimes these fillings will start to leak, permitting discolored fluids to leach beneath the filling, causing a greyish or brownish tint. Once again, the treatment that will create a whiter smile involves replacing the fillings: no bleaching is required.

Discolouration Due To Decay

Decay may also cause discolouration of the teeth. If the decay has started between the teeth (which is one of the most typical places for it to start) the actual cavity may not have been noticed by the individual: however, as the decay progresses more deeply into the tooth, it can create a darkened shadow beneath the enamel, which becomes more and more visible. No amount of cleaning will remove these stains: this situation requires a restoration of some type, usually a filling, or possibly a crown if the cavity is large.

Discoloration Due To Trauma

If a person’s teeth have ever suffered a traumatic injury, these teeth will often become discoloured. This discoloration might be temporary, or it could be permanent: only your dentist will be in a position to determine this through tests and x-rays. If the tooth’s nerve has died as a result of the trauma, the tooth usually needs root canal treatment. If this is the case, the tooth can be bleached internally once the root canal treatment is finished to bring it back to its original color.

Some front teeth just cannot be treated effectively with teeth whitening agents. If the tooth has been stained internally by antibiotics during its development, or if the tooth is heavily filled, or if the tooth seems resistant to teeth whitening solutions and gels, sometimes the most reliable way to whiten it is to place a porcelain veneer or crown.

Ask Your Dentist

The process of lightening teeth will, in numerous cases, involve tooth whitening agents, but occasionally other treatments are needed. Your dentist is well-placed to diagnose the reason behind tooth discoloration and to recommend treatments that will remove it. Always ask your dentist if you have got any queries about the color of your teeth and the process required to brighten them.

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